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all complaints about me being “too nice” can be forwarded to

because i do not, unfortunately, give a shit. 

just applied to a job that doesn’t even exist yet.

dumb or smart. we shall see…

when you have no where to be in the morning, breakfast is alway awesome. 
happy friday!

A Guide To The Off Chance You Unfortunately Find Yourself Vacationing In Phoenix

Posted this article to Buzzfeed a few days back. 

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The Trials & Haven of Living with Parents

With the ending lease at my humble abode and our hopes to get the hell out this hell relatively soon, my significant other and I have decided to temporarily move in with his parents. With the most optimistic expectations clashing with the reality of living under parents - those to which you do not belong - I have found that there are pros and cons to everything. This case especially. 

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my favorite reddit answer to “what seemingly simple concept do you still have trouble with?”
What a graduate does with her time. 

how does one actually feel 22?

I’d been postponing my introductory post for this blog. I guess my birthday is as good a day as any. Rebirth and epic concepts like that, no? 

Well currently I am a post-graduate who is struggling to enjoy this ‘sabbatical’ I’m in. Some days are easier to go with the daily grind of chores to do; errands to run. The last few days have been a little bit of a struggle however. Feeling lost while aging is a marriage in hell. Yet I feel so selfish feeling that way. Is this not what adulthood is paired with? 

Nevertheless, the point of this blog is to work my way out of this funk and into some sort of creative chi that saves my psyche, my happiness, and my fear of falling into mediocrity. 

Happy Birthday to me. My negative self will be left with this post. And I will have an excellent day. 

PS: This title does not at all recognize TSwift as any sort of artist in any way. I just think that song is the dumbest thing that now - in some twisted way - applies to me.